Selling with Us

Selling your items at auction is an easy, hassle-free way to turn your unwanted items into cash, saving you the trouble of trying to find a buyer privately or by placing ads on websites and in publications. Selling your items through our auction showcases them to a wide range of buyers.

Enniskillen Auctions regularly holds a range of auctions, where we can sell your items. This guide will help you through the auction process and guide you step by step in completing a sale through our auction.

Items can be entered in for auction anytime during our opening hours right up to 48 before an auction. The earlier you enter your items the better, as this gives plenty of time for perspective buyers to view your items on our website or during viewing hours. All items entered are added to our sales catalogue and advertised on our website, increasing the number of potential buyers.

What you need to bring

  • Any items you wish to sell
  • Identification, i.e. Driver’s Licence, Passport, Electoral Registry Card.
  • Relevant Documentation
  • For items such as tractors and commercial vehicles, tax books will be required where applicable. Please contact one of our staff for more information
  • If you are V.A.T. registered bring a copy of your V.A.T. registration number

Preparing your items for auction

Make sure your items are in a clean, presentable condition.
Check your items are in working order.
Decide on a realistic price you would like for your item and set a reserve price.

When you arrive

Firstly call into our reception to register your items.
Bring all your documents and identification.
Our helpful staff will help you unload items to prepare them for auction.

Setting a reserve price

When completing an entry form, you can decide whether you wish to specify a reserve price. This is the minimum value that you require your item to make before you agree to proceed with the sale. You do not have to set a reserve price if you do not wish to do so. Selling an item as unreserved can often attract more buyers and achieve a higher selling price. If the highest bid does not reach this reserve, we will sell the item provisionally and contact you by telephone to determine whether the price is acceptable. Further negotiations between yourself and the purchaser can be carried out by our staff if necessary. Remember when setting your reserve price to factor in your seller’s fees.

Sellers Fees

A sellers’ fee is deducted from the hammer price of each items sold and the fees are subject V.A.T. The fee’s applied differs for each type of auction so please ask a member of staff when entering your items what the fees are.


Upon completion of the sale of the item, a payment is made by cheque and posted out usually two weeks after the auction

Collecting & delivering your items

To make the whole process even easier, Enniskillen Auctions can arrange to collect your items from your door, and deliver them to the auction, subject to an additional charge. Collection and delivery services are available for large items such as diggers, tractors, commercial vehicles etc. If you require any assistance with collection or delivery, please contact us.

A copy of our full ‘terms and conditions’ can be requested at the auction premises or can be viewed here.