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Buying at auction is an excellent way to pick up some great items at a great price. Enniskillen Auctions regularly hold a range of  auctions where you can buy anything from diggers to drills, vintage tractors to gym and catering equipment and much more. This guide will help you through the auction process and guide you step by step to completing a successful purchase.

Before The Auction

Do some research
Familiarise yourself with the prices you would expect to pay for the type of items you are interested in.

Set a budget
Have a clear idea what budget you have to spend at the auction – remember all items sold are subject to a buyer’s fee on top of the hammer price. Check our buyer fees for more details.

At The Auction

Arrive in good time 
Arrive early so that you can view the items before the auction starts or you can view the items on one of our viewing days.

Get a bidder number
Register for a bidder number at the main office. If you are going to bid on an item, you will require a bidder number. You cannot bid for or buy an item at our auctions without a bidder number. Register at reception and pay your deposit. This deposit is refundable if you do not make a purchase.

The auctioneer
Listen carefully to the auctioneer when he is describing each item. He may advise on a number of important details about the item.

When you have selected an item you want to buy, catch the attention of the auctioneer by raising your hand to place a bid. Once the auctioneer and clerk are aware you are bidding they will look back at you throughout the bidding for further bids.

Absentee bidding
If you cannot make it to the auction you can place an absentee bid on any item you would like to buy. Simply select a lot and decide the maximum price you would like to pay for it. Submit your absentee bid to one of our staff along with a deposit. The amount of deposit required depends on the type of item you are bidding on. Our staff will advise you on the size of the required deposit.  Your maximum price will not be the opening bid, the auctioneer will begin the process as usual and bid on your behalf until the other bidder is either out or your maximum bid has been reached.

Outright or Provisional Sales

All items offered for sale at the auction will either be sold outright or provisionally.

This means the bidding has met the seller’s reserve and if you are the highest bidder, the item is yours upon completion of payment. Follow the instructions for paying for the item.

This means that the item on which you have been the highest bidder has not reached its reserve price. If this is the case, go immediately to the office. The clerk will contact the owner to determine if the owner is willing to accept the bid or, alternatively, negotiate a price in between. These cases usually result in a sale and you can complete your purchase after this.

Buyer’s Fees

Buyer’s fees are a applied to each item purchased at auction and are subject to V.A.T. The fees detailed below may be subject to change so please ensure you check the fees when you register for the auction.

Plant, Machinery, Tool and Vehicle Auction (second Saturday in the month):

Up to £20 (Min. Charge) £3.00 + VAT
Items £21 to £1,000 17.5% + VAT
Items £1,001 to £3,000 12.5% + VAT
Items £3,001 to £15,000 7.5% + VAT
Items £15,001 & Over 5% + VAT


Evening Tool Auctions:

20% + VAT
Minimum £3 + VAT Charge Applies


Catering Auctions, Gym Equipment Auctions:

20% + VAT
Minimum £3 + VAT Charge Applies


For any auction not listed above please check the buyer fees when registering for the auction.

An additional buyers premium of 1% + VAT is applicable on the total hammer price for all online bidders taking part in a live auction.

Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) on items

Some of the items sold through our auctions are subject to V.A.T. If you are unsure if an item is subject to V.A.T. please check with one of our auction staff. All items sold through our general auctions are sold net of V.A.T. The final amount to be paid, therefore, is made up of the hammer price, the appropriate amount of V.A.T and buyer fee. Ensure you take all these costs into account when bidding on items.

Paying For Your Items

Settlement for any items you have purchased must be made within 48 hours of purchase. Forms of payment we accept are as follows:

  • Debit card
  • Cash

We do not accept cheque as a form of payment.

Collecting Your Items

When full payment has been received, you will be issued with a receipt. Produce your receipt to one of our yard staff and they will assist you with collecting your items.

Conditions Of Sale

It is the responsibility of the buyer to take particular care in checking the description and condition of the item of interest prior to sale. Descriptions are given by the auctioneer and in the sales catalogue. Enniskillen Auctions Limited is not responsible for any misprints or misrepresentations by the auctioneer. All items are offered on a ‘sold as seen’ basis, therefore you must inspect the item prior to bidding. There is no comeback whatsoever on any item purchased.

A copy of our full ‘terms and conditions’ can be requested at the auction premises or can be viewed here.

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